Rotating Table

the cut kitchen by irp

The Cut rotating table, available in various finishes and combined with the storage walls, provides a pleasing contrast of textures with respect to the ultra-smooth surfaces of the storage units.

The table has a number of different positions for different functions:

  • “At rest” it protrudes 40 cm – convenient for breakfast or a quick snack;
  • It can extend as far out as 1 m to provide a practical table (which is limited in size... for a romantic dinner for two...)
  • Or it can extend as far out as 2 m and also rotate 90° adjacent to the island base units (which also provide seating) and accommodate up to 5 people or more. When the table is completely extended it rests on a matt black metal U-shaped support leg fitted in the underside.

Ceiling Drawers

kitchen renovation

Accessories, utensils, condiments and spices... all within easy reach when needed and then immediately stored away again. And the worktop is always clear, clean and tidy. Using sensors, the metal ceiling drawers descend between profiles fixed to the ceiling. As they slide up and down, the adjustable-height glass shelves are illuminated by concealed LEDs. Every shelf has a small rail to prevent items from falling. A safety sensor cuts in before the shelves reach the end stop.

Sided Units

kitchen renovation

A modular solution that is definitely multitasking. Modular metal units featuring a fine edge but extremely sturdy and elegant. A vast range of modular units, from single modules to tall column units, can be used both within the kitchen arrangement, as open shelving wall units, and anywhere in the room to be furnished.

Large full-height walls or sequences of dividing column units can be arranged progressively or more creatively using units of different dimensions. Dividing walls, accessible and designed for the addition of storage units on both sides... can be closed off or left wide open depending on the project. Alternatively, modular units can be used to create large walls of open shelving, using repeated sizes for a more continuous, conventional interpretation, but with a visual impact that is nevertheless intriguing due to the extremely fine visible edges.


Door Detail

“One” with profile and recessed grip
An aluminium profile running along the entire top edges of the doors, the top drawers and the sides of the tall units provides a perfect handgrip. A “bespoke” detail and an opening system that is easy, practical and ergonomic. To match or contrast with the finish of the recessed grip.

30° without handle, with recessed grip
A 30° cut makes opening minimalist and practical. Matches the design of the recessed grip, and is available in 5 finishes: aluminium, black, white, lacquer, or to match the colour scheme.

45° flush closing system – beauty and design
No handles, no thicknesses or visible recessed grips. Linear forms, practically unique thanks to the 45° joint, which also joins the side panels and the design worktop. Push-pull opening system on the 45° cut door and TIP-ON opening system on the doors and drawers.

Full Bottom

A full bottom panel can be fitted, in the same finish as the ceiling drawers, to avoid unsightly joints underneath. It leaves the recessed grip free for easy opening of the doors. The bottom panel can be equipped with one or two rows of LED light bars, which provides useful, effective lighting for the worktop.

Inside The Cut

The complete range of accessories
Practicality, function, aesthetics, efficiency... The practical elegance of black interiors makes identifying the different shapes easier. The healthy warmth and pleasant tactile sensations of wood. The many different drawer and deep drawer organizers available enable storage to be organized in the best way possible.
The huge variety of small utensils, food, cutlery, products... that we need today for modern-day cooking require space. Tidiness is space... All the space you need...
Every item in its place, easy to find and use...





Gloss lacquered abs edge


Wall-effect melamine-face


Semi-matt lacquer finish available for ONE door, 30° and 45°


HPL laminate stone-effect


HPL laminate wood-effect


Glossy lacquer finish available for ONE door, 30° and 45°




Knotted oak




Heat-treated oak